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About Me

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Here's stuff about me that u mite not really care about but anyway.....



Favorite Stuff

Favorite TV Show:Friends,Survivor! lol some reality shows haha, extreme makeover home! lol
Favorite Movie:Pirates,Mean Girls, Grease, disney movies:p
Favorite Music:country, most stuff on 103
Favorite Book:Harry Potters haha im cool, Go ask Alice
Favorite Food:pizza and ice creme and shrimp
People I Most Admire:Gretchen Wilson, Kelly Clarkson


i don't really like this pic, but alyx does so i'll put it on

K well ya im just gonna talk about myself rite now. K well im like 5"2 i have light brown hair blue eyes. Im 15. I play hockey cause its awesome and i love it lol. I love just hanging out with my friends.  The best though is when i get together with my dads side of the family every year at a hotel....Maylong was awesome eh Jade... I also really like doing those filler outers:P there sooo fun haha so ya if u get them send em to me! but ya anyway i don't really have anything else to say but if i find something i will add it.

ya this is me, im hoping to get a new picture of me thought cause this ones getting old




Favorite Quotes

I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, I never knew that looking back on the laughs would make me cry.

Friends are like peeing ur pants. Everyone can see it, but only u can feel it. thanx for being the pee in my pants! haha
 LiFe Is ShOrT. aNd So Am I.....(haha and its sooo true)