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Shoutouts to My Friends

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Hey guys!! i wanna have a shoutout for all u guys cause ur just soo awesome! haha well anyways if ur not on here its cause i haven't gotten around to it or ur not my friend:P Luv yas!!!



Jordyn's awesome! shes soooo fucking hilarious...omg and she just had a party and it was soo awesome. but ya me, her, alexx, and anita are gonna make a band(YAY!!!! Anita can sing! lol) but ya Jordyn's one of my best friends and shes super awesome and weird but in the good way haha


Well me and Alexx have been best friends for a long time.shes like a super band nerd but shes cool anyway haha. Me, her, Jordyn and Nita(if she can sing good:P) are all trying to make a band....when we get money to buy stuff lol...but it'll be awesome!!! She's super cool to hang out with! luv ya!



Anita's craaaaaaaaazy lol....shes usually really hyper. She's the lead singer in our band(when we get it going lol) shes an amazing singer and one of my best friends! luv ya!

This is Anita a couple years ago when she had long hair


My favorite cousin and one of my best friends! shes sooo funny and wierd lol.We have so many good times together! haha like cheating and hide and go seak!! we ROCK!!! we need to have another sleepover at Granny's like we did when we were little:P...When i get my liscence im gonna come visit u like every weekend haha...luv ya my GFClmao! MAYLONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol wow our hair is staticky

I only became friends with Jackie this year cause she didn't go to my school last year.  we have some good like at kelseys house lol.


Kelsey's super kool. I just met her this year too...cause she went to the same school as Jackie last year. We've had some pretty good times, like my 2 trips to Beausejour. And our Pieces of Hobo video! wow im sooo proud of that.I can't wait till i come back next month for my monthly visit haha. ur awesome hun luv ya!


Alyx is pretty cool. we don't really hang out that much but we're still pretty good friends. she was like my first friend cause we met in kindergarten haha. i even remember that day! but ya we've had some good ICPP wow i almost fogot about that. ya shes pretty awesome!



Me and Melissa are pretty good friends. We don't really talk that much but we talk on msn and stuff. She's super nice and awesome to talk to.i luv ya mel! lol


Me and Janelle used to be really good friends, then we kinda stopped being friends, and now we're starting to be friends again lol. I had a s/o at her house with carolyn and it was super fun!ya so i hope we can continue to be better friends!


Amanda super kool.I love talking to this girl.and her mom is super kool too lol.... We have some good times....the one i'll never forget:Alvin! lmao wow that nite was soooo awesome. we gotta do it again sometime..luv ya