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name: Amanda BIBO
comment: WHOOOO.....IAM FIRST!!!!!!! Beat that :P  Haha hi Sharon...pretty
                  site....Awesome Possum, Pudding and Pie!!!
name: carolyn
email: c_dobz08@hotmail
comment: Sharon, you smell :( I'm not on your
                  site anywhere. guess we aren't
                  friends l;ol
name: moi
comment: [*.~awesome siiite!!!~.*]
name: Melissa
comment: HEY! omg hun love the site..mostly cuz im on it:P hah soo kidding..who;d want me on their geeze..hha ne way so good..needs more stuff tho..but ur just ill let it slide..(8)let ur backbone slide(8) lol haha n e way..yeha i dont have much else to write..we shud hang out more! lol Luv ya tons babeMelissa*<3
name: Jade
comment: Hey hows my gangster from transcona doin lmao? you sites pretty funky aha its pimpin just like us aha..oh
                  yea we so cant wait till may long!
                  aha we're so bunkin together man..indians and white men!..or no it will be
                  called white men and gangsters aha we we're so gonna win agaist those other 2
                  white chicks aha..ok well i think i'm ruining this now lmao so later alligator!
                  Your Gangster From Charleswood Forever...Jadeeeee!
name: Laqueesha Johnson
comment: Hey Sharon! how ya doin'? Oh yeah that's great! wow sorry bout that
                  other singing on ur other site I did one of those where your still typing wut ur
                  thinking but u don't wanna type it(does that make n/e sense at all) K, enough of
                  the confusing stuff let's keep it simple like me.Lol. N/e ways like my name?
                  I've always wanted to be a Laqueesha it suits me don't ya think?Lol. K, I'm outy
                  so catch ya later dude ur party's gonna be super fly.Lol
name: Janelle
comment: hellllllo Sharon!!!!! lol ur sites awsum
                  :) lol i'm so glad we're
                  friends again! lol haha that sleepover at my house was soooooo much fun!!!!!
                  gotta do it again sum time!! lol well n e ways g2g bye!!!
name: Jordyn
                  comment: Sharon Wow! You actually have a pic of me ! I'm amazed!
                  Wow I say you
                  get some of the pics we took at your party and send them to me! LoL that was so
                  funny eh? Well later dude.
name: Jackie
                  comment: SHARON!!!! awesome site buddy! haha mi cool(H) you have
                  to change the
                  pic of me tho lol well anyways great site(Y) g2g now bye!
name: Jordyn
                  comment: Wow Sharon you put Carolyn on the same list as Micheal
                  You're so my hero!!!lmao. So well I just want to say that I'm honored to be the
                  first one on your friends list.that's so awesome(lil Tear)lol . Your such a
                  good person!lol
                  Later child!