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Heres some poems and stuff that Anita made for me today haha

Sharon, OH, Sharon
you fly like a blue heron.
you said"I have to pee"
I said"wow just like me!"
K now this next thing i a thing that we do where u have to make a story type thing but u have to rite it in the order of the heres nita's:
A Bat Cartwheeled (to a place where it was) Dark Enough For Ghost Hunters. I Just Killed (a) Lion, Mom! No Pooky! Queen Rich Should Talk To U! Vigorously, Wailing Xena Yelped Zaaaaaat!
lol well ya so thats how it works:p
The other game we have is u have to write something but all the words have to start with the same heres the one that Anita made:
Spotted snakes slithered straight. Sharon sang"Stop right now, thank you very much!!!"
well ya i guessed she kinda cheated at the end there but o well